Leaving my thought of remembrance to fabric

I spend days carrying a guilty that I could be a perpetrator with doing nothing to the incongruous matters on the globe.
I feel guilty that I thank blessing not to be in the incongruous matter.
What could I do? What I could do is that I remember the matters in my own way.
Probably remembrance is the only way of resistance for the people under the vulnerable position.
I dye and weave in order to remember the matters with praying.
Wishing the fabric with the remembrance would be immortal as a ray of light.
I never know what would be happened next, but this is the only way for me to weave with praying although I am not certain what it could be done.
I go my own way to dye and weave with praying until I can touch something.

All the more reasons, thin threads are able to express what they are

I'm attracted by thin threads due to their delicateness.
Fabric of thin threads is transmissive, so the light could bring unseen images into the fabric.
Sometimes, the thin fabric waves in the slight breeze, and it comes out its delicateness.
The delicate fabric does not complete what itself is, but it's going to meet the viewer halfway.
Since the fabric blends right in with the environment, it never gives a feeling of oppression even it can be seen in large dimension.
The fabric and the viewer identify with each other, and they deepen their understandings.
Wishing my weaving works would nestle gently close to the viewers.
Plain woven is on the focus to make the works simple.
The works express performance by combining different twines along with the feature, however, they are intentionally made as a basic.
The design might be restricted by horizontal and vertical lines.However, due to the restriction, there could be a broader way to view the work.
In other words, the work can rouse your interest and imagination, and you will know what it says.

What I choose the theme for the works is about incongruous matters happened on the globe.
It is less attractive and sinful. It can never be a bonny thing.
Wishing the works would broke into sunshine.
Wishing the works give a ray of bright light.
Wishing anyone has a feeling of concord with the remembrance that the undesirous matter could never happened again.