The Indelible Memory of Flame

The motif of this work came from the aerial attack at Beograd on April 3rd in 1999 under Kosovo War.

Many government affiliated buildings burst into flames at this time, and the images were shown on TV news repeatedly.

Afterwards, tens of thousands of families were dispersed, and kept in the scattered refugee camps.

There huge message boards were set by Red Cross, and it was filled with memorandum for seeking whereabouts of family members.

I was deeply touched by the waves of memorandums with praying to have the faint of glimmer of a clue.

The reason I piled up the delicate thin fabrics was expressing a strong wish which was agnimated each of individual prayings in vulnerable position.

I weave to remember the grievousness in the world, and I would like my works would be a trigger for the viewers to remind the incident. I pray and ache that the incident would be remembered indelibly on viewersf mind, and it brings our gaze to bear on never to repeat the tragedy again.

Silk@Natural dye@H260 ~ W235