To Be Drowned or To Be Saved

Primo Michele Levi, a Jewish-Italian chemist, known as the author of “If This Is A Man”, ended his life by suicide in 1987, 40 years after he survived from Auschwitz..

Why he elected death, I wondered.

This is the beginning of the weaving.

He had experienced discontinuation of the normal existence for almost 2 years, and spent days in “the other side”.

He had noticed that the society of human creature was corrupted determinably.

While “the other side” had such a tragedy, why “this side” could continue the everyday life all well and fine as nothing happened? “This side” could be “the other side” for anytime-anywhere though.

The weaving has effigy of human bodies for both faces.

When looking the weaving through the backlight, both faces would be ill-defined, either “this face” or “the other face.”

I believe that there must be “light” to eliminate the border between two sides, “this side” and “the other side”, and the light is in the spirit of each individual. When the spirits gather into one, it could be the beacon to get rightness.

I weave trying not to lose a concern over “the other side” at the very least.

Silk Natural dye H250 × W140