She was born and lives in Nara, an ancient city in Japan.

Nara prefecture is a home of several World Heritage sites, such as Todaiji Temple and Horyuji Temple.

The ancient capital, Nara Heijyokyo was established in 710 A.D. as the first state in Japan,
so the prefecture has a rich tradition of Japanese culture.

She majored in arts at Kyoto University of Education,
and studied professional dye and weaving at Kawashima Textile School.

After graduation, she was employed at a Japanese kimono company,
and was put in charge of creating gKOSHINO JUNKOh brand kimono.

While she was taking orders from designers to create dress textile by using numerous types of material,
she visited foreign countries, such as Italy, France and India to inspect areas of textile production, and attended fairs.

She left the company, and started to work for her own natural dye and weaving.

Her works were exhibited at Museum of Japanese Traditional Arts And Crafts Kinki.

She weaved with 21 denier, thin silk threads, created a delicate transmissive tapestry, and was exhibited at Kokuten.

Since then, she concentrates on the expressions using this thin silk threads.